Values in Action

Values in Action is a methodology designed to assist human service agencies deepen their capacity to be truly helpful in people's lives.

The methodology focuses on three key themes: developing values coherence across the agency's work, building a person-centred relationship with each person served, and focusing on genuine outcomes in each person's life.

The methodology is anchored on the Model of Citizenhood Support, which provides a framework for thinking about what it means to be truly helpful in people's lives.

The latest Values in Action project is operating in Canberra, Australia, concluding in April 2017, and this website is designed to support that work.

For more information about the Values in Action methodology or the Model of Citizenhood Support, email us here.

How to use this website

It is likely you are visiting this site because you are interested in your organisation becoming a more potent agency, delivering real and sustainable benefits in people's lives. This website explores three main themes. The first theme is about what values are, the second theme is about the nature of person-centred supports, and the third theme looks at ways to think about genuine outcomes in people's lives.

The site also includes practical resources for people seeking to make change happen in their organisations, so that their services are more values-driven, person-centred, and outcome-focused.

There are a range of resources, including onscreen content, downloadable files, and links to video clips.

So, to make the best use of your time on this website, try the following. if you would like to think about values, start here. Or if you would like to think about person-centred supports, start here, and if you would like to think about outcomes, start here. And if you would like to jump straight into a bunch of tools that can help you get conversations started at your organisation (or in your family or among your friends), start here.